Interactive Network Map

This graph provides primary textual analysis of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Mahatma Gandhi’s An Autobiography or My Experiments with Truth & Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule and highlights rheothical and thematic correlations. Although opposite on paper, this textual analysis connects the shared experiences, perspectives, and rhetorical approach between Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi two men that were products of the very world they were motivated to produce.

Each word from the digital corpuses are tied to the source they originate from and linked to an identifiable theme

Use this interactive map to explore visually identifiable themes between the texts

Visually Identifiable Themes

  • Nationalism
    • Words that reference nation/state identity
      • ex: “nation”, “state”, “germany”, “india”
  • Revolution
    • Words that reference revolution
      • ex: “revolution”, “free”, “swaraj”
  • Common Identity
    • Words that reference a sense of group identity with shared background/ values
      • ex: “indians”, “germans”, community”, “friends”
  • Foreign Threat
    • Words that reference the unification against a common external enemy
      • ex: “jew”, “englishmen”, “marxist”
  • Cultural Past
    • Words that reference a cultural/ historic past
      • ex: “race”, “hind”, “war”, “aryan”, “mahomedans”
  • Religon
    • Words that reference religion/ spirit
      • ex: “god”, “evil”, “spirit”
  • Modernity
    • Words that reference the contemporary changing world
      • ex: “modern”, “awakening”, “new”
  • Certainty
    • Words that reference confidence/ certainty of outcome
      • ex: “certain”, “vow”, “surely”